Monday, March 16, 2009

Our New Webspace!

Hey kiddoes,

Our new website is finally up (with me getting off my lazy ass) at its new and appropriate address: , yay!

It's full of goodness and has an updated events page, a spot for exec bios, and a link to our fabulous new store! So go my queer little minions and frolick in our cemented web mastery. The world shall soon be ours!


At any rate, I'll be seeing the execs at our meeting tonight, and for everyone else, I will see you tomorrow at our coffee night, 7PM at the Kensington Second Cup, attendance has been phenomenal, let's go for the record!

If you have any questions/comments/ideas about the website, please, please, please, keep it to yourself. Kidding! Tell me right away, it's a place for all of us! It'll be epic.

Well then, Queerio! (See what I did? I changed "cheerio" to "queerio" to be more topical and potentially funny, and... ah, shut up.)

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