Friday, March 27, 2009

Dancing to success!

Our "Gay For A Day" parade and dance party yesterday as a part of Sexual Awareness week on campus was a great success. This is one of our first major public events and marks a distinct change in the way in which we approach our visibility and presence on campus and otherwise. It was a smashing success!

We invited queer students and allies alike to parade across the campus holding the hand of a same-gendered friend to illustrate support for love of all kinds and expressions of affection. Afterwards we had a dance party in the centre of Mac Hall complete with drag king show (thanks to Fake Moustache) and dance contest.

It was a successful display and a lot of fun to boot. We will definitely be trying to incorporate similar types of events again in the future.

Tonight we will be hosting queer speed dating as an end to our series of sexual awareness week events. It's been a good week and a groundbreaking one as far as QCampus is concerned.

Also, don't forget the next Friday, April 3 is our Gender Bender at 9:00pm at The Den on campus a UofC. It's our largest party of the year and an event not to be missed! Tickets can be purchased for $5 in advance from any exec member (e-mail us if you would like to come by to purchase -- WE WILL ALSO HAVE TABLE IN MAC HALL NEXT WEEK TO SELL TICKETS!!) or $7 at the door. Dancing, drag, debauchery, and fun. I couldn't think of another "d"-word. Oh well. Hope to see you all at coffee next week and then at the Gender Bender.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Posters ahoy!

We have just completed campus postering round two. This time you may notice our posters come on lovely coloured paper. Seeing them up around the school, especially in time for sexual awareness week, and in such a visible way goes toward making the UofC more welcoming. So thank you to everyone who came out to lend a hand, you guys rock!

Speaking of sexual awareness week, the SU has selected all of next week (March 23-27, 2009) to be filled with events centering around sexual awareness. As such, QCampus has planned to make it a week to remember. We will have events every single day (sometimes two or more per day!) and will include:

- "Gay For A Day" - Parade to MacEwan Hall. Come out and make a poster and march with us, hold the hand of a same-sex friend to support love of all kinds!

- Gay Dance Party - Parade will end in Mac Hall in a giant public dance party. Let's dance it up and just have some fun!

- A panel discussion

- Queer speed dating

- And plenty, plenty more.

For event details and to learn about all our events, please visit our EVENTS PAGE. We hope to see a ton of people out. Let's make it a fun week to remember, ok? :D

Monday, March 16, 2009

Our New Webspace!

Hey kiddoes,

Our new website is finally up (with me getting off my lazy ass) at its new and appropriate address: , yay!

It's full of goodness and has an updated events page, a spot for exec bios, and a link to our fabulous new store! So go my queer little minions and frolick in our cemented web mastery. The world shall soon be ours!


At any rate, I'll be seeing the execs at our meeting tonight, and for everyone else, I will see you tomorrow at our coffee night, 7PM at the Kensington Second Cup, attendance has been phenomenal, let's go for the record!

If you have any questions/comments/ideas about the website, please, please, please, keep it to yourself. Kidding! Tell me right away, it's a place for all of us! It'll be epic.

Well then, Queerio! (See what I did? I changed "cheerio" to "queerio" to be more topical and potentially funny, and... ah, shut up.)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Gender Bender coming up!

Hello lovely Land of Cyber Queers! As per usual we will be having the Gender Bender, our massive Drag Show again this year, to be held at the Den, the bar on campus. It is an event for everyone, drag queens/kings and costumed people, queer people and allies alike all coming. This year we will have gender neutral bathrooms available as well. If you want to get involved drop us a line or leave us a comment, and we'd be happy for the help with door people, performers, etc. We have a fantastic DJ lined up for this year so it should be an awesome party long after the high heels are off.

Here's the skinny!
Doors at 9:00 April 3rd
The Den, On the University Campus, in MacEwan Student Centre
Drag show at 10:30
Tickets at $7 at the door
$5 available from the office or at a QC event